United Bronx Parents Inc.

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United Bronx Parents Inc. (UBP) was founded by community activist leader and Latina Woman Warrior, Dra. Evelina Lopez Antonetty as an organization of parents and local businesses advocating for improved education for our children in The South Bronx public school system. Bilingual education, minority hiring, parent training, decentralization and community control of local schools were some of the issues for which UBP organized a community response and advocated for more inclusive policies. The agency was incorporated in 1966 as a not-for-profit organization. Increasingly, as the community began to express more basic survival needs, UBP began to develop new service offerings, including emergency food programs, Bilingual Adult Education and Day Care services throughout the 1970s.In the 1980s and 1990s, thegrowing prevalence of substance abuse and HIV-related issues among the people served by the agency, led UBP to develop a variety of AIDS and addiction-related service approaches. Today, the agency has grown into a multi-program organization providing a comprehensive range of empowerment and concrete social services and treatment programs to low-income people in its community and from across the City. UBPs approach to serving its community is to provide easily accessible services that address the most underserved and neglected persons, to vigorously advocate for the rights of our clients and to ensure that our motto: No one goes away empty handed, is a reality. In all we do, we continue to be inspired by the words of our Founder:

"We will never stop struggling here in the Bronx, even though they have destroyed it around us. We would pitch tents if we have to rather than move from here. We would fight back. There is nothing that we would not do. They will never take us away from here. I feel very much a part of this place and I am never going to leave. And, after me, my children will be here to carry on ... I have very strong children ... and very strong grandchildren."

Evelina Lopez Antonetty


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